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Planetvest is the largest company in the known universe.  Annual reports are reported using scientific notation and encompass 9,782,468 distinct companies as of 10,026 GT (Guarded Time).  The singled largest subsidiary, Lummus, Inc. makes up approximately 53% of Planetvest.

Planetvest, a result of unprecedented mergers following the uniting of Earth (UE -- United Earth) has only one serious competitor in the universal market, and that is the Monarchial United Earth Systems (MUES) company who are on the heels of Planetvest (approximately 45% the size of Planetvest).  MUES enjoyed a significant boost in their size utilizing a now illegal (theoretically impossible) accounting and manufacturing processes that resulted in the creation of the 250 MUES buildings and manufacturing ability that nearly resulted in overloading the financial markets managed on Pluto.  MUES still lists among their key assets the spatial dimension that interconnects the MUES buildings (yet unproven to exist).

One of the founding principles of Planetvest is the investment into entire planets.  Planets who under a united government (or investors who have acquired planets) can hire Planetvest to provide specific services.  Among these services range from as simple as creating completely modernized cities to ecological changes.  Ecological changes can be as simple as purifying an atmosphere, changing an atmosphere or altering the landmasses, ocean composition to altering planetary orbit or overall mass.  Planetvest completely utilizes Planetvest companies to do the actual work, but often hires consultants to manage a project.

Planetvest.com is your opportunity to either accept an existing project or submit your name and description of your service specialties.  Specialties need to specific and appropriate to the task at hand -- planetary alteration.  Some specialties might include city design, landscape design (on a city or  continental level) indigenous people skills (although there can be a global government there are often specific territorial issues and cultures that need to be understood and resolved).  Browse a few of the existing contacts up for bid.  If you see something you are interested in bidding on, you'll have an opportunity to describe your abilities and interests, from there you may be asked to provide a formal bid.  If you don't see anything you are particularly interested in at the moment, you need to understand that Planetvest has hundreds of potential worlds available, but only puts a few on the website as we have server constraints.  Tell us what your interest is and we'll let you know if we have a compatible contract for you to bid on.


Coming soon are actual links...until then, e-mail me if you've read this and think it might be fun!  People who either have a gift for writing, creating graphic images (cities, landscapes, etc.) or an interest in describing an indigenous people (and perhaps images of them) should have a blast here.  My intent is to take people's input and link them to a given planet.


All submissions will become property of Charles R. Hague (unless specifically stated  in writing otherwise).


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To get the most of these pages you'll need a VRML viewer (plug-in).  If you don't have one, you can find them through www.download.com.  I like Cosmo myself, here is a copy (the latest can probably be found at www.cosmosoftware.com but you can grab the copy I have by clicking here!)


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