They say a picture is worth a thousand words...Let's see if that's true.

Cocoa Beach First Baptist Church's steeple pierces its roof Sunday in Hurricane Frances' wake. [09/05/2004]   Hey Bob watch out!  Bob?  Yo Bob!  Uhho.
"And that's what happens to those who sleep during church!"   Finally Sally got the point.
An emergency meeting of the congregation was called to select the next person to attempt to attach the steeple.  Drawing straws they looked at Deborah, who, feigning death, hoped to be excluded this time.   "We'd better get this fixed quick!  Other denominations will no doubt exploit this as a negative sign regarding our new improved commandments."
Failed test of the ultra-secret government "steeple missile".   "Hey!  I've seen that pointy thing somewhere before...don't tell me, I want to guess!"