Cool executables to check out!  Save 'em or "open" them (when asked).  They were virus free as of 11/016/2002.  These may be of questionable taste, I'd suggest previewing them before sharing them with young people or looking at them in the office.  They are all to be taken in good humor...if you're easily offended, go to church or something instead of looking at these.


Check out this "music video" called "9 Coronas" by <clicking here>


Here is a fun example of why it's not a good idea to consume alcohol and try a <William Tell.>


You loved Mambo #5, but that was only the precursor to <this great!>


Want to know more about yourself, check out this psychological test...It's ok to look at anywhere in front of anybody...Take the <color test>


Having a little trouble understanding the recently recognized language of "Ebonics", <this primer might help!>