Here's a bunch of funny pictures...take them with the humor intended please...:)


Shhhhh, a secret!

"Hey, you got a dictionary?"

Talk about a sore loser!

Honesty from the Church

The other white meat

Now that's a male sport

This seems redundant

A popular picnic area for Christian groups

Shhhh! Another secret! Hopefully the Ruskies can't read

Hard to believe we have any secrets left with all this signage!

Next to Toys R Us, no doubt

No bull!

Enough to make anybody quit drinking

With prices like these, no street dealers can compete

Oh the convenience of drive-thru's

Hey, Maude, look where I parked!

Finally an episode of Jerry Springer for the kids

Decisons, decisions.

Talk about a thrill ride!

A bar stool for someone not afraid to drink and drive

Finally that dumfart will leave us alone

I think they might have found better wording than this

This sign seems redundant


Shock value has its place

When movie titles collide

Poor choice of fonts on their sign merits a double-take

Controls for MAN and WOMAN

Microsoft's newest keyboard to increase recovery time from crashes

Why you rarely see female parking attendants

Makes you wonder what's on the other side of this door...


Single, brown, kangaroo, very male, seeks single, female kangaroo to hop around, make kangaroo babies and share green bushes. Hobbies include hopping, chewing on green stuff and hopping. Age not important. Must be a kangaroo, enjoy hopping and green stuff. Serious inquiries only.