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Every weird, funny, strange, cool thing I've encountered over the years through the Internet I'm collecting into this one place.  It will be potentially dynamic and have material of questionable taste (language, nudity, tasteless or sick-humor, I'll try to warn on those items).  Some of the files may be large -- I'll try to warn people of such files.  If it's weird, cool, interesting, funny or otherwise kcuhCworthy, it will be on the pages that follow.  When you've had enough and want to return to the more structured world of kcuhC, return to kcuhc.com

Side by Side -- funny video clip.

The movie "The Lion King" condensed to this five second clip.

And your thought your tight garage was a challenge to park in!

On Memorial Day in 2008 our Cub Scout Pack 61 participated in the decoration of graves in the Marietta National Cemetery.  I made this slide show to music...I think it is very moving and has a few of the best pictures I have ever taken.  Enjoy this 8 minute YouTube version.  Rated "G" (for gives me a tear every time I watch it).

This is a the audio (MP3) from a great skit with Bob Newhart from Mad TV, rated "C" for Classic Newhart humor...  Click here for a link to a poor quality video on YouTube.

This is an amazing photo.  It is an meteorite...on Mars, photo taken by a spacecraft from Earth.

The Hague's 15 minutes of fame.  We made the newspaper...the front page...above the fold...the headline!

I took this picture when visiting home in Stockton.  There isn't too much more to say, the picture says it all.

This video is NOT what it appears...rated "P" for pretty much going to make you nervous to watch at work.  Check out this woman behind the bar.

This video is the single best skit from MAD-TV, the Midnight Golfer.  Obviously when they did this, their coinage had no dates.

Cereal Therapy session.  Extremely funny, rated BL (for Big -- 6.4meg, and Language).

Cassy had an art sale, I scanned three of her works to share here.  Enjoy!  Send your feedback to cassy@kcuhc.com

In case you didn't know, "global warming" (aka, "climate change") is, well, let me be blunt, BS.  Here's an excellent document that debunks much of climate change.

Call customer service recently?  There's a trend to outsource... (rated "B" for big)

Not all stars are the same -- take a look and see why size matters!

What do we do now?  You know people like this, you know you do.  This funny video is a real statement.

This is a funny video from a (Dutch?) talk show.  Note the look on the faces of everyone but the host.  This is hilarious, but inappropriate for young ones.

Factory Floor (plays music).  Factory Floor 2 (plays music).  Factory Floor Lazy Worker (plays music).  The Factory Floor is now Unionized!  (Plays music)

Here's a great advertisement for a pop-corn machine.

Listen to this funny abuse of a telemarketer!

This is a short (5 minute) video from a contest in 2004 that involved a single person spending $1,000 or less and 48 hours.  Various categories were randomly chosen for those entering.  All movies had to include a checkbook, an inflatable doll and the phrase, "I can't take much more of this".  Here is the winner...the category was SciFi...this person added an extra challenge...it is a musical!  Enjoy Area 2 Slash 2!

DUI test...infallible!

Great movie line...especially for people with strong political views.

Good dog...rated "O" for ouch that's gotta hurt.

Don't try this at home.  Rated "S" for shocking.  Nothing in appropriate for kids, except they really need to understand that they cannot do this, this man is a professional, so careful parents before sharing this.  Quality is not great, sorry.  You expect me to swallow that?

A series of unfortunate events.  Rated "Y" for, 'you had to know it was coming'.

Here's a good beer commercial...rated "P" for probably should not share with kids.

Here is a terrific Christmas Light display!  Crank up the volume the music is great too!  Rated "B" for big (5 megs)

This is a terrific MP3 someone constructed...Imagine President George W. Bush singing "Imagine"...you don't need to imagine it, someone made it happen!  I edited off some junk off the end, the result is it does end a bit abruptly, but it is better than the minute or so of annoying noise that was there.

Zoom!  This is a power-point presentation, if you do not have power point, you cannot view this.  Very cool!

Great commercial...well, ok, it's not real, but it should be!

Watch what you say on your hands-free cell phone!

This video clip nicely sums-up the difference between going home on Friday Vs. going to work on Monday.

Beware of things made in October!

Here is the classic company Christmas party memo.  Your HR friends will have seen this a hundred times, but it is always funny.

Unnoticed death of Larry LaPrise, take a moment to understand this man's contribution. (plays music)

Actual police video at a DUI stop...rated "F" for funny.

Wear the fox hat.

There are so many potential titles for this...my suggestion would be a Lasik commercial.

Car stereo...this funny video clip is rated "K" for "Kinda inappropriate for kids".

Check out this rock band...not quite what you might expect...

Here is a terrific article that puts the war on terror/Iraq into perspective.  I highly recommend this.  If you support the President and the war on terror/Iraq, you will especially enjoy it.  If you do not, you might find it enlightening; you may not change your position, but you may understand those who do support it, a little better.

We recently found a stray dog that we adopted.  He is an inside dog, but when my wife was getting undressed at night the dog would sit and stare at her, she couldn't take it anymore, so we had to get rid of it.  I think she was over-reacting, but although the little puppy is gone, we have this picture to remember him by.

Quite possibly the coolest short story of all time...Temperature Extremes by Wrong Numerian Jerry Davis!

Attitude.  This "poster" is rated "L" for language.

Clever way to advertise your business!

Funny foreign commercial, rated "S" for suggestive.

Ok, the joke is so-so (rated "P" for probably shouldn't view at work and in front of kids), but the delivery is fun.

You may in fact have Typoglycemia, click here and find out!

Here's an interview with an Iraqi soldier...very funny.

There's something about this picture that I simply can't resist.  The original caption is as follows: "Cocoa Beach First Baptist Church's steeple pierces its roof Sunday in Hurricane Frances' wake."  I thought I might have some fun and add other captions from time-to-time.

This is the technological breakthrough of the century...and I mean the 21st century!  Check out this two minute video clip, and imagine the possibilities!

Now this is funny AND eye opening.  It is a perfect example of the concept of the perfect world clashing head-on with the real world.  Are you for or against racial profiling?  Take this quiz.

Go to Google and search for "Weapons of mass destruction" then click the "I'm feeling lucky" button, you'd find the following response (be sure you read all the message...).  Google may eventually disable this, but until then, it's fun...lots of fun.

There is a punctuation mark that serves a very specific and useful purpose, but 999 people out of a 1,000 have never heard of it!  Intrigued...check out the Interrobang!

Watch the amazing skateboarding dog!

Here's an evil cat...rated "O" for "Oh-my-God!"

Want to see a raunchy wet tee-shirt?  Check this out!  Rated "R" for Raunchy.

I have an odd device.  Yes, searching the web will uncover exactly what it is, but I'm curious to know if anybody can tell me what they know about it...I'm also interested in your theories and ideas...so, take a look at this page and identify this odd device!

Recently while browsing the mjmorningshow.com website I found this interesting story.  It is a good example of what happens when you don't keep your eye on the ball.  Rated "N" for mild nudity.

Sneak peek (well, depends on how old this is, it was a sneak peek as of 01/27/04) of Priceline.com's replacement of William Shatner as a sponsor!  Click here to learn who's replacing him!

There are some differences between cities.  For example...Paris, France has a big fancy tower while Paris, Kentucky is in the same state as a big fancy horse race.  There are other differences between these two cities...for example...

This might be a link to the coolest website there is...wanna know how big it is?  Hey, I'm talking about space-craft here, get your mind out of the gutter.  Check out the space ship size comparison website...rated "VC" for Very Cool.

This one isn't weird or funny...it is genuinely scary.  I am very serious.  I hope you'll take the time to read and share this with your friends.  You can click on this to read it or right click and save this PDF file to your disk.  Email it to your friends.  The Wal-Mart You Don't Know  This new link was added in August 2006, it is a transcript from a show asking the question if Wal-Mart is good for America.

You know how to really piss-off a Texan?  Point out that if you divided Alaska into two separate states that would make Texas the THIRD largest state!  To fully appreciate this joke, click here!

So...is it 12 or is it 13?  Click here, count, wait and recount.  See you in about 15 minutes when you finally give up.  Enjoy!  Rated 'C' for Confusing!

Here's an example of how men screw-up romance.

Listen to the Honeymoon Horserace!  Rated "L" for language -- very funny but the language is inappropriate for kids or the work place.

One day in a Jack in the Box drive thru...

The marriage ceremony can be stressful.  In some cases, more than others.

Carolyn Scott and her golden retriever, Rookie present 'You're the One That I Want' Rated "B" for BIG (4.3megs)

Eventually the cats began to suspect that among them was a spy.  They only had to figure out a way to ferret him out...but how?

This is serious.  The Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) has issued their report, in full, on the Columbia Space Shuttle accident.  It's in excessive of 350 megabytes.  Add to that a one hour and 22 minute video press conference and it's about 500 megabytes of data.  If you want, until February 1, 2004, you can view this on the website www.caib.us  or you can purchase a CD-ROM from them for $50.  Or, if you are interested, you can mail me $5 to cover postage and handling, and I'll give you a CD I made myself that has an HTML menu (use your web browser to view).  You'll need Adobe Acrobat reader (free, and you probably have it installed anyway) and to view the media clip you'll need the free Media player or other program that can play such files.  If you want a copy of this CD-ROM, e-mail me and we'll work out the details.

I've been searching for this sound file for a LONG time and FINALLY found it!  Unfortunately it's in Real Audio format (www.realaudio.com) for a free player.  Enjoy:  "Stevie Nicks -- What The Hell Is She Saying"

Time Warp!  Brain teaser...check it out.

Copier abuse!  Or as Monty Python would say...

"I will survive" sung by an alien.  Well done.

Ok, it's sick, but it doesn't end the way you think it will!  Click here to kick the dog.

Ever use Microsoft Office 97 or newer?  Like the paper-clip assistant "Clippy"?  Well, if so, you might want to skip this clip. Rated "L" for language.

A cool doctored video clip that looks like a fighter jet launching from under water!  Cool and well done.

A foreign commercial that begins in a men's shower.  What to do if you drop the soap.  This is 3megs in size.

At a soccer game you can almost always bet a streaker will make his/her way onto the field.  This is about 3meg in size..  Here's a good example.

You've no doubt heard about those who don't believe we landed on the moon.  Here is the most convincing video clip I've seen to support what I had always considered to be a ridiculous claim.

Of course you've heard all about or have seen Riverdance.  Here is your chance to see the runner-up to Michael Flatley!

Here are some very funny cat video clips.  Excellent, but big (2.7+megs).  Click here to laugh out loud at the expense of cats.

This is too cool, check out Matrix Ping Pong!

Someone snuck a small digital video camera into the Mirage to film the performance of Siegfried & Roy on the fateful performance where Roy was mauled by one of the tigers.  This clip is brief but rather unsettling.  I'd rate this "S" for Shocking.

Why men should never baby-sit.

Clearly this one meg animated file was created by someone who has developed a perspective through experience.

Isn't love grand?  You decide!

Here's a cool (but big at 5+ megs) video of an infrared strategic strike in the Middle East.  Amazing!

Arrowhead Beer, made from spring water.

Enter the matrix...the Cow Matrix.  Rated "B" for BIG! (4ish meg)

So you're bored?  No more!  Read this list of things do do when you're bored beyond belief!

You'll need Power Point installed to view this spoof on the "successories" picture series...a HOOT!

Who cut the cheese?

This car is defending itself against the evil bird's plot.

Check out this lifeguard!

Ever go shopping in Texas?  It must be like this...

I should have designed this site backwards...thus "kcuhC", but I didn't, so following Ardeen's wisdom from this point forward, all new entries will be at the top, below this point the order changes from the beginning to the present...so the last item in this list, in a perfect world, would follow this text...but I'm too lazy (now at least) to reverse the entire list.  So, there.  I've said it.

After the World Trade Center collapsed a story went around that someone's camera was found in the wreckage.  The film was developed and shockingly enough it was a tourist who was getting their picture taken from the top of the WTC as the plane was coming in to strike!  Of course some people claimed it was a fraud, but here it, judge for yourself!  <Click Here to see the WTC pictures -- rated "T" for tasteless>

Lots of people have asked us for driving directions from the airport to our house.  As Atlanta can be a difficult place to navigate we were happy to oblige.  <Click Here to see driving directions to Chuck & Ardeen's>

There's no need to fear these pictures! (Warning, plays music)

We've adapted to living in Georgia.  In case you plan to visit, you might want to prepare yourself first by <Clicking Here>

I found this clipping in a newspaper once...I sent it to Art Bell, but never heard back from him.  Pity too, because this is exactly the sort of proof of ghosts he'd go nuts over.  <Click Here>

The complete evolution of man.  <Click Here>

Body art...amazing!  <Click here to see the pictures, be warned these involve nudity and are inappropriate for kids or the office>

Some funny pictures <Click here to laugh>

Want to see an amazing display of patriotism?  Take a peek by <Clicking Here!>

For those who deal with idiots, you need to <Click Here>

This is an amazing video clip of an experimental rocket like you may have never seen!  <Click Here to view -- Rated "B" for Big! 1.2megs>

Check out this awesome fireworks display!  It has a little bit of sound, not too bad, and I didn't want to change the language on the screen because it is almost as amusing as the fireworks themselves.  <Click Here>

Looks like Walt Disney's idea for Mickey Mouse may not be as original and creative as originally thought.  <Click Here>

After the September 11th tragedy the FAA instituted a new policy to protect passengers on commercial airlines.  <Click Here to feel safer>

A friend of mine is selling a nice hot-water kettle on ebay, <click here to see an image of it>.  He recently decided to sell this nice dining room table, take a look (see if you can find him in the picture).  Rated "M" for "mild nudity".

Here are some cool programs (executables [EXE] files).  They are virus free!  I will add others from time to time here, so you may need to revisit.  You can either open them (when asked) or save to your computer, then run.  <check 'em out!>

The Checkerboard optical illusion is beyond belief!  <Click Here to blow your mind and say "I don't believe it">  There are also several other optical illusions here...have a good one I don't have on this page?  e-mail it to me!  Check back from time-to-time in case I've added more.

Around 2000, I was asked to give a general interest speech regarding computers.  As a result, I came up with the following.  Other than a couple minor tweaks, it is pretty much as it was.   I think it is interesting, <take a look and tell me what you think!>

Check out these ultra cool old computer ads by <clicking here>

A ton about US currency...from the one dollar bill to the hundred-thousand dollar bill!  While this page is very cool (maybe not beautifully formatted) it is rated "B" for big! (about 1.6megs) so <Click Here With Patience!> 

If you use too much powder, this could happen to you...<Click Here to see the explosion..., rated "B" for Big!  1 meg>

The infamous blind date!  <Click Here...rated "B" for Big! 1.5meg>

John West Advertisement <Click Here to laugh painfully loud>

And you thought they were such cute and innocent animals!  <Click Here to have your view of penguins changed forever!>

Few things could destroy a man as this could!  Rated "T" for tasteless and also "B" for Big!  1.5 meg.  <Click Here...if you dare!>

If you like the Simpson's, you cannot continue to live until you've seen this!  <Click Here to hear/see this video clip rated "B" for BIG!  5.3 meg>

We The People...<Click here to hear this Rated "B" for Big 1.7 meg MP3 about>

Gotta love the Fly Guy!  A clever, amusing and fun way to spend a few minutes!

The Iraqi Information Minister -- quite possibly the best stand-up comic of all time now has his own web page!

This advertisement is not what it might seem...I know when you first see it you're going to think you're the victim of a prank on me, but you are not.  Just in case someone is looking over your shoulder at work and might not see the whole clip, you should preview this in private first, just because I know you're not going to believe what you are seeing...Ok, enough warnings, click here to be fooled...

The power of computers, however great, cannot compare to the power of computers in movies!  Click here for more.

This word document will help you turn an otherwise worthless 3.5" floppy disk into the Starship Enterprise!  Warp here to learn how.

Of course, since the War in Iraq it has become quite common for people to be annoyed with the French.  I hated the French long before it was popular, so remember that while you read these humorous comments!

Feel the force...This is funny stuff...I have a feeling there may be periodic updates to this page...<Rated "B" for BIG!>

You've gotta see this very cool Honda commercial...it's <Rated "B" for Big, but "W" for worth it!>

I can't put the real description here because it would give away the punch line.  <This video clip is rated "B" for Big!>


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